Resumé of the first day at the Fantasy Filmfest 2013

The Congress The opening movie is a free adoption of Lem’s Futurist Congress. The role of Ijon Tichy was replaced by female actor Robin Wright (playing herself). The neat stylistic element was that the hallucinating scenes were all animated (the old fashioned-way). And in a really nice style with lots of references to celebrities, art, etc. (I probably didn’t get more than half of the references). Really great atmosphere if you let the movie just flow.

On the downside, part of the fun of the original story is that it is really uncertain what parts are hallucination, told by an unreliable storyteller or real. In the movie, this is always obvious due to the distinction between the real-actors-parts and the animated part.

Nonetheless a movie that is worth watching and I want to see it a second time to get more of the references and details.

Big Ass Spider! The title of the second movie tells it all, doesn’t it? An exterminator and the military are trying to hunt down a big ass spider. Trash, fun — what else do you need to end the first day at the festival?