Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 2

The Complex Japanese horror movie about an apartment complex with ghost story rumors and a lonely child. The story was good, but nothing special either. The thing I love about J-horror movies is the way they build suspension. And unfortunately this one failed at it most of the time: it had too many scenes where it started suspension building and continued for too long (to the point where it almost got boring). And the suspension building was lacking too often the climax. In one scene I had a full-body goose bumps, though, so the movie did not fail completely at it.

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed the movie, but it did not fully deliver what I expect from a J-horror movie.

Europa Report Mockumentary/found-footage movie about the first manned mission to the Jupiter moon Europa with the mission to search for life on Europa. The good thing is that most cameras on a space craft are mounted, so no shaking hand-cameras and I didn’t get motion sick as I usual do when watching mockumentaries.

If you start to look at the details about the astronauts, of the space ship, etc., you will find lots of things that are not “realistic” (which contradicts the concept of a mockumentary). But I’m rather good at extending my suspension of disbelieve, so that is what I did and the result: I watched a thrilling movie that caught me from beginning to end.

My personal highlight of the day.

Dirty Weekend British black comedy about people thinking people are dead and trying to get rid of the bodies and trying to kill each other (all because of some gold coins). Funny and entertaining, but nothing special either (and there are funnier black comedies).

Hatchet III The third installment of the slasher movie. Oh, what is there to say? It’s what you expect from such a movie: people get slashed in (more or less) creative ways, embedded in a some kind of story. Was fun to watch, but not more.