Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 3

The Battery A zombie movie, but one of a different kind (neither the typical zombie comedy nor the zombie action flick). The movie is rather a nice character development of the two protagonists in an extreme situation, spiced with lots of subtle comedy. Somebody described it as “Clerks” with zombies which I think is rather suitable.

This would be an excellent movie if the last ten minutes were different. Didn’t like them and leave me rather unsatisfied.

Pawn Shop Chronicles Episode movie around a pawn shop in some southern state. Three episodes that all start in the pawn shop and that are otherwise also connected at some points. Violent, sometimes funny; the stories are really nicely told with the (stereo)typical southern hillbilly characters.

Overall really good, but there is something about this movie that I don’t like — I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it is the torture violence of the second episode (I don’t like that stuff), maybe it is that all three episodes are told with in the same style (as opposed to episode movies with different directors), but the episodes are nonetheless so different that this confuses me. I’m not really sure.

Lords of Salem Rob Zombie movie about witches and satanists. I liked the visuals of the movie, but it did not manage to really get me interested in the story or the characters.

Frankenstein’s Army Found-footage movie from Russian soldiers in WWII who find a German laboratory where Frankenstein experiments with cyborg-and-dead-body-part soldiers. Guess a nice trash ending of the day.