Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 4

Animals Spanish coming-of-age story. Calmly told with powerful pictures; gets really dramatic at the end. Really liked it, although I wished if the movie had catched me more on an emotional level.

App A smartphone app (that spreads a bit like a virus) starts to get over the protagonists life and causes consequences in real life.

The special thing is that you can also download an app on your smartphone that acts as second screen while watching the movie. Since I don’t have a smartphone, I watched it without the app, but glanced on the phone of the guy in front of me and my impression was that it did not really add much value to the movie. I think the idea has potential, but watching the same scene that is currently running in a shake phone video from a different perspective is not the full potential of this idea.

The story itself was way over the top and although I like the idea to see the consequences of over-use of technology, it has to stay realistic in certain boundaries — and resetting a smartphone to the factory setting causing a whole shop to blow up is certainly stretching the boundaries too far. And why did had to end with unbelievable, unnecessary Hollywood-style mega-action-scene? If the movie hadn’t lost me before, this was the final step.

Guess this was the first really bad movie at this year’s festival. (Personal opinion — I heard from others who liked the movie.)

Love Eternal A psychological approach to telling a story about necrophilia. Sexual aspects didn’t play any role in this movie (or gross scenes or anything like that) — it was really a psychological view. Calmly told story, with strong emotions. Nice and slightly disturbing.

In the Name of the Son Belgian black comedy about a mother taking revenge on priests abusing children — at least that might be a one sentence description of the main plot of the movie, but it does not properly describe it. I feel I can’t find a suitable description that of it. It really contains lots of church critics and critics of overly religious people. The humor in its absurdity and its sarcastic, cynical tone is really nice. Its somewhat different from what I know in other places.

It was certainly a great watch.

The only thing that annoyed me was that the subtitles (if they spanned over two lines) were switched. So you had the read the last line and then the first line to get it in right order — I was really surprised that it took me quite some mental effort to remember this all the time. But this was the first technical problem at the Filmfest this year (and that on the 4th day). So I’m pretty happy compared to the other years where I experienced more problems and especially more annoying ones (like the sound being out-of-sync with the picture or movies having to be cancelled because of wrong keys for the digital copies of the movies).