Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 5

Makkhi Indian movie (Bollywood) with a cheesy love-story, an Indian mafia-boss who kills the male part of the romance, and is reincarnated as a fly and is out for revenge and tries to kill the mafia-boss.

I was really opposed watching that movie since I don’t like Bollywood movies (well, I never watched one, but each time I catch some glimpses, I don’t have the urge to watch one). But Manuel insisted on watching this one, and I am happy he did: it was great fun!

Really lots of good ideas how a fly can terrorize and plot assaults on a mafia boss. And well-done on the story telling side — although the fly tries really a lot of ways to kill him, I never found it getting boring.

Get Shorty This year’s short movie selection was really nice. Only one movie I didn’t like and the rest was really good.

Wrong An absurd movie that is really hard to describe. It really doesn’t make that much sense — it’s rather the ideas that create a certain mood and feeling that makes this movie interesting. Unfortunately the movie lost my attention in the last third or so, and I started to get bored. But before that I really enjoyed it.

Blue Exorcist: The Movie This year’s anime. I already watched some episodes of the Blue Exorcist TV series and really enjoyed it. So it was rather clear from the beginning that I wanted to watch the movie as well. It was a really well done movie, nice visuals and good storytelling.

But anime movies that are “spin-offs” to a TV series have one problem in general: their stories are rather irrelevant since people should be able to watch the TV series without having to watch the movie (and vice-versa), so the movies do generally not add any essential story elements, but rather tell a side-track self-contained story and so did this one. (The story was not bad, don’t get me wrong.)

But there was one thing I didn’t consider when deciding for this movie: Blue Exorcist is of course an anime that appeals to younger emo girls and so the cinema was filled with them. And what I didn’t know about them: they really like to talk about what they are seeing on the screen. I think I never experienced that much talking in the cinema, not even when I was watching Antz in the noon screening (with lots of smaller children present).

Devil’s Pass Found-footage movie about a couple of US film students trying to get behind the “secrets” of the happening at the Dyatlov pass in 1959 where 9 hikers died. I was already a bit tired when watching this and I have to admit that I didn’t get the plot when watching it (I’m really embarrassed about this), but luckily Manuel filled me in with the missing pieces.

But even after getting the plot now, I didn’t like the movie that much: one thing that really disturbed me was that the movie violated the found-footage part too often, i.e. there were many scenes where I really thought “no, this scene is not something that a real camera man would shoot for documentary” or “why is everybody looking for cover except for the camera man who catches a nice scene of everybody searching for cover? (And why isn’t he shot, but rather the guys that found cover?)”.

The story about the 1959 is true, btw. Although the conspiracy theories about it are rather bullshit as I learned some weeks ago in the Hoaxilla Podcast episode 130 (in German). But the movie was not really about the conspiracy theories anyway (they were just used as a segue for the real story).