Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 6

Revenge for Jolly! The dog Jolly was killed and her owner goes for revenge (together with his brother). The movie was too slow paced for my taste and the humor did not really come across that great. It wasn’t really a bad movie, but it is not a big loss if you don’t see it either.

House of Last Things Haunted house movie (not an old house, mysterious house this time). The couple living there, travel to Italy and they hire a house-sitter for the time and she, her brother and her boy-friend experience the story of the house. Nice and quietly told story.

But it was lacking completely any scary, horror or goose-bump scenes. On the one hand, I expect this from a haunted house movie, but on the other hand, the movie did not try to achieve this — it approaches the topic from a different angle, so I shouldn’t credit this as a negative point for the movie (it’s just that my expectations were wrong).

Philosophers A philosophy class makes a thought experiment: what if a nuclear apocalypse is ahead and there is a bunker that can accommodate 10 people for 1 year (the time needed to be in the bunker), but you are 21 people. How do you decide who gets in a place in the bunker? The students discuss different scenarios with slightly different perquisites.

The movie shows the thought experiment parts as if it really happened which makes it a very pleasurable watch. Makes the whole thought experiment a lively experience. I am not completely sure if I like the ending, though, but the rest of the movie is that good, that I don’t care 🙂

Human Race A group of random humans have to do a race (nobody knows why or who is behind it). The rules:

Only one will win. Follow the signs or you will die. Stay on the path or you will die. If you‘re lapped twice, you will die. Do not touch the grass or you will die. Race or die. The rules are easy – survival is not. Run!

This could have been a good movie, if I only would have been able to sympathize or feel antipathy with (some of) the characters. But I was so indifferent about all the characters participating in the race, that I found the race rather boring.

I really like the title of the movie, though.