Fantasy Filmfest 2013 — Day 7

100 Bloody Acres Australian hillbilly horror comedy about two brothers with their outback company “Morgan‘s Organic Blood & Bone Fertilizer”. Good, funny and entertaining watch. Delivers what it promises but not more.

Odd Thomas Odd Thomas can see dead people and other creatures that show up shortly before bad things happen. With this infos he tries to safe his home town by putting pieces of the puzzle together and trying to determine what will happen.

No, this movie didn’t work for me. One “gimmick” of the movie is that Odd Thomas is constantly commenting the things happening from the off. I always get really suspicious if a movie uses comments from the off — sometimes they really work well, but too often they are just a sign of failed story telling abilities or wrong understanding of setting the mood. And Odd Thomas is definitely an example where  it completely failed. And it is really constantly throughout the whole movie.

In the end of the movie I was so annoyed but the Odd Thomas character (him always being so positive and happy and always having a fun comment); I was so annoyed by it that I just hoped he will die in the end. And (attention, spoiler alert) no, he does not die.

The Last Days Spanish post-apocalypse movie. The story is set in Barcelona and people can’t go into the open, so they have to stay in buildings and use the sewer and subway tunnels to go from one building to another. A group of two guys start a quest to find their loved ones. The one guy is a programmer and the other a HR manager who was about the fire the programmer before the “apocalypse” happened, so they are not really friends.

The movie is full of standard cliches and logic errors. And overhearing some conversations of other people at the end of the movie, the others hated the movie because of this. But for me, it didn’t matter. I don’t know why I accepted all these flaws, but the movie worked really well for me and it got me in the right mood and I was interested and emotionally captured by the movie the whole time.

It might have been that it was (partially) due to its visuals. I really think the imagery and the color composition of the movie was really great.

Tulpa An Italian Giallo crime movie about serial murders that are connected to our female protagonist. Worked really nice for me and it was a good ending of the second to last day.